LC/MS/MS drug test consultant:

    Our scientists are experts in designing and implementing customized tools to detect large panels of drugs simultaneously using LC/MS/MS in human urine and blood specimens. In collaboration with Cayman Chemical Company, the customized production of user-friendly “ToxBox” products enables private and public laboratories to quickly establish on-site drug testing.

    We offer a broad spectrum of LC/MS/MS drug test Consulting Services, which includes planning of customized Tox Box® products, training of laboratory staff, assistance with laboratory accreditation, and expert witness testimony. Training includes hosting your laboratory staff in our own facility coupled to on-site assistance in your laboratory to ensure rapid implementation of customized tools on your LC-MS/MS. Our goal is to rapidly transition your laboratory to on-line testing for substance abuse drugs and other xenobiotics in human samples relying on the strong analytical, chemical and toxicological expertise of our scientists.


    LC/MS/MS drug tests are becoming standard practice for laboratories but often having a sufficient number of trained personnel is an issue.  PinPointtesting, LLC can simplify the testing procedures and train personnel in the new technique.  Having trained personnel is always an issue, but simplified procedures minimizes the problem.

    Our facilities include a 500 sq. ft. training and testing laboratory on the health science campus of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) in Little Rock, Arkansas. A second 2000 sq. ft. laboratory is located nearby on the campus of the Arkansas Children’s Research Institute and a third is now across the hall. Meeting and conference rooms facilitate real-time video conferencing between PinPoint Testing, LLC and clients, and provide a team science atmosphere for visiting scientists.