Public and commercial laboratories are finding it increasingly difficult to comprehensively screen for well-known and emerging drugs in clinical samples.  The founders of PinPoint Testing began to document the challenge of detecting emerging synthetic drugs in 2011,1 and as publications grew in scientific journals,2 they served extensively as expert legal witnesses.  In parallel, they began to develop analytical solutions to detect large panels of recognized and emerging drugs in clinical samples.  These passions lead to the formation of PinPoint Testing LLC, which is a biotech company dedicated to assisting new and established laboratories navigate the changing terrain of certified drug testing in an effective and efficient manner.  Consulting, detection tools, data management, and back-up testing services are available.

Few laboratories can efficiently track the continual and rapid emergence of new synthetic illicit drugs.  Detection of emerging drugs requires day-to-day vigilance, and the development and validation of new analytical tools. Many laboratories find that utilizing the services and analytical tools of PinPoint Testing allows them to concentrate on, and to expand, their core business of drug screening.  PinPoint Testing uses strategic partners and customer-oriented personnel to offer technical solutions to their customers, including single-platform testing of large drug panels to streamline drug testing and reduce cost.



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2 See publication tab, this website, for updated listing.