Expert Testimony

on Emerging Drugs

Are you in need of expert testimony regarding the effects of synthetic cannabinoids (e.g. “K2” or “Spice”) or designer stimulants (e.g. “bath salts”) on the human body? We can help! We have experts in the field of Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology and Toxicology that can help in your next court case. We have testified in courts across the United States to communicate a clear picture of the impact of emerging drugs of abuse on the human body. Call us today for more information.







Dr. Greg Endres provided expert testimony as to the classification of XLR-11 as a cannabinoid receptor agonist and Schedule 1 controlled substance according Michigan law. Below are comments from Eric F. Wanink, Chief Assistant Prosecutor of Tuscola County, MI on Dr. Greg Endres’ expert testimony.

Dr. Endres was qualified in several fields as an expert witness:  identification; classification; manufacture; and pharmacology of synthetic cannabinoids.  He provided testimony as to all four aspects of synthetic cannabinoids, but most importantly made a compelling case that XLR-11 was in fact a cannabinoid receptor agonist and therefore a synthetic cannabinoid and Schedule 1 controlled substance.  Thanks to this testimony, we were able to secure convictions against both defendants for Criminal Enterprise; Possession with Intent to Deliver a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance; Manufacture of a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance; Delivery of a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance; Possession of a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance; and Maintaining a Drug Store/House. Therefore I would highly recommend him for any future use in his capacity as an expert witness in these fields.”

“I would certainly continue to endorse Dr. Endres as an expert in this field.  I have always been grateful for his assistance in our case as I know we could not have put everything together and prosecuted our case with success without his testimony.  I was fortunate to find someone with his background, and qualifications, who was willing to step outside his daily mold and accept such a task.”

“We have not had any K2 issues since the defendant was successfully removed from our community.”