Lab Services

Toxicology and Pain Clinic Consultants

Is your laboratory struggling to validate methods to identify emerging drugs of abuse in blood or urine samples? PinPoint Testing, LLC can help.

PinPoint Testing, LLC Toxicology and Pain Clinic Consultants offer a platform of services that include in-house training in our facilities in LC-MS/MS and analytical methods, and on-site training in your laboratory to ensure a rapid start-up.

Laboratory Services Consultation:

We offer on-site assistance to transition your Toxicology Laboratory or Pain Clinic to on-line drug testing of human samples using LC-MS/MS platforms. Our strong analytical, chemical and toxicological expertise provides customers with user-friendly tools, consulting services, and quality assurance, to measure the levels of drugs and other xenobiotics in human samples and to provide the necessary support for proper laboratory validation and data interpretation.

This new drug test methodology is relatively simple because the certified reference material, calibrators, second source Quality Controls, and internal standards are all supplied in a 48 ro 96 well plate.  PinPoint Testing,LLC Toxicology and Pain Clinic Consultants share a standard process or modify it to fit your unique needs.  The objective is to improve the quality of the tests, reduce costs, reduce total test lead time, and stay current with emerging drugs.


 Method Validation Consultation

PinPoint Testing, LLC provides analytical consulting services in broad areas of drug metabolism, development and validation of analytical tests, drug identification, and training of laboratory personnel. We provide on-site assistance for these services on request.

Specific services provided include:

  • Training of laboratory practices for new laboratories
  • Training laboratory staff in sample preparation procedures
  • Teaching analysis of samples using liquid chromatrography – mass spectrometry methods
  • Guidance during method validation
  • Continued support and troubleshooting as long as needed
  • Support may be on-site or remote assistance
  • Developing new methods of additional analysis as laboratories wishing to expand test capabilities

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Not only do Toxicology and Pain Clinic Consultants from PinPoint Testing,LLC have a science background, but they also understand the business and regulatory aspects of operating a laboratory.  Give us a call to discuss your facilities unique issues and jointly we will determine if improvements can be achieved.