Mass spectrometer drug tests:



PinPoint Testing offers in-house training and on-site assistance to commercial and public laboratories that are interested in establishing, improving and/or streamlining Mass Spectrometer –based drug screening.  We pinpoint-2can assist in drug identification, training of laboratory personnel, and validation of methods to ensure sensitivity, accuracy and precision to achieve and maintain CLIA accreditation.  Our CEO, senior partners and staff interact daily to ensure that services are tailored to meet your needs and ensure that your laboratory operates efficiently.  We offer a step-by-step strategy for laboratory set-up and accreditation, quality assurance and assay validation, data management, and also offer back-up testing of overflow samples in our laboratory.  
If your laboratory is beginning to launch or transition to mass spectrometry-based detection, or if you are interested improving efficiency, PinPoint Testing can introduce you to the newest analytical tools and technologies. Our personnel are highly trained, knowledgeable and interact with client laboratories in a partnership culture.  Current clients across the U.S. are very diverse, ranging from start-up testing facilities and large established commercial and public laboratories.  If you are considering Mass Spectrometer drug tests for the first time, or want to simplify your existing Mass Spectrometer drug tests, us a call at 501-891-0070 for free consultation.