PinPoint Testing’s Core Values:

  • Honesty and integrity in serving our customer’s vital interests
  • Quality and reliability in the tools we provide
  • Rapid design to market implementation for all products and services


Detect Drugs:

The recent challenge of identifying synthetic cannabinoids (e.g. “K2” and “Spice”), designer stimulants (e.g. “bath salts”) and other illicit compounds in blood and urine samples has burdened toxicology laboratories as well as the judicial system. These rapidly emerging substance abuse drugs are often illicitly modified to avoid detection in traditional drug screens and are continually emerging in the United States and worldwide. PinPoint Testing, LLC realizes this challenge and is here to help!

PinPoint Testing,LLC has the ability to detect over 400 drugs including synthetic drugs.  These methods and procedures are available to clinics and laboratories, as well as assistance to utilizes these LC/MS/MS techniques. 

We offer a panel of key services to assist human testing laboratories in the detection of synthetic cannabinoids and designer stimulants, and provide advice and consulting to judicial systems. These services include:

  • Analysis of human urine and blood specimens for emerging drugs of abuse;
  • Customized production in partnership with Cayman Chemical Company of user-friendly “ToxBox” products to enable toxicology laboratories to quickly establish on-site testing for synthetic cannabinoids, designer stimulants and other rapidly emerging substance abuse drugs;
  • On-site assistance to transition your laboratory to on-line testing for emerging substance abuse drugs and other xenobiotics in human samples relying on our strong analytical, chemical and toxicological expertise;
  • Expert witness services and testimony.