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PinPoint Testing, LLC offers a simple and effective approach for drug tests.
As synthetic drugs emerged, public and commercial laboratories struggled with detection; the founders of PinPoint Testing, LLC became the industry experts and pioneers in synthetic drug detection. As they flexed their muscles as industry legal experts and widely published subject matter experts they also developed analytical solutions to a true problem: detecting large panels of recognized and emerging drugs in clinical samples. Detection of emerging drugs requires day-to-day vigilance, and the development and validation of new analytical tools is a full time job best handled by the experts.

Let PinPoint Testing, LLC keep you and your laboratory on the cutting edge of toxicology with an unprecedented and cost effective testing menu offering.

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As the market diversifies so do we. In 2011, as the challenges grew in detecting synthetic drugs our team was at the forefront of emerging drug detection research. In 2013, Pinpoint Testing, LLC was formed, becoming a pioneer in the industry with a wealth of published data and becoming sought after expert legal witnesses.

Our business evolved into our key areas of focus: laboratory consulting, our ToxBox® product line, and our world renowned laboratory service.


Emerging Drug Detection

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From clinical and forensic laboratory setup, to laboratory rescue and ongoing efficiency expertise, PinPoint Testing, LLC is here to provide customized support every step of the way.


ToxBox® brings cutting edge laboratory technology directly to your laboratory’s door.


Clinical and Forensic reference laboratory services available for menu expansion or specimen overflow services. Explore our extensive test menu today!

(Meet Our Awesome Team)

PinPoint Testing Team

Jeffery H. Moran

Jeffery H. Moran


Jeffery H. Moran is a founding partner and managing member of PinPoint Testing, LLC. Moran is also a Branch Chief at the Arkansas Public Health Laboratory, Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) and an Assistant Professor at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Colleges of Medicine and Public Health in Little Rock. Moran’s career and independent studies have focused on the detection and mechanisms of environmental toxicants, endogenous molecules and drugs of abuse. His work has resulted in more than 40 peer-reviewed articles, letters, and reviews. Many of these reports describe toxicological and analytical aspects of designer drugs. Moran continues to be on the leading edge of designer drug research and human testing technology. Moran’s strong, scientific collaborations that include academic and commercial partners enable PinPoint Testing, LLC to provide reasonably priced and state-of-the-art analytical solutions for toxicology laboratories and also deliver strong legal support for court cases involving designer drugs.

Contact Dr. Moran here.

Cindy L. Moran

Cindy L. Moran


Cindy L. Moran, B.S. is a founding partner and managing member of PinPoint Testing, LLC. Moran is also the Scientific Operations Director with the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory (ASCL) in Little Rock, Arkansas. Prior to becoming the Scientific Operations Director, she was the Quality Assurance Manager from 2009-2014, Assistant Chief Forensic Chemist from 2006-2009; Safety Officer from 2003-2009; and a Forensic Chemist from 1999-2009. Moran is President-Elect of the Association of Forensic Quality Assurance Managers (AFQAM) and has obtained Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. Moran’s experience in forensic chemistry, quality assurance and Lean Six Sigma principles enables PinPoint Testing, LLC to provide smart, streamlined solutions for human testing laboratories.

Contact Cindy Moran here.

Nancy J. Rusch

Nancy J. Rusch


Nancy J. Rusch, Ph.D is a founding partner and managing member of PinPoint Testing, LLC. Rusch is also Professor and Chair of the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology in the College of Medicine at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock. Her career has focused on identifying mechanisms and therapies for cardiovascular diseases using electrophysiological, molecular, genetic and in vivo techniques. She has served extensively as a member or chair of peer review panels at the National Institutes of Health and at nonprofit organizations, and has research collaborations across the United States and worldwide. These contacts help PinPoint Testing, LLC find appropriate academic partners and funding mechanisms to conduct designer drug research and human test development.

Contact Dr. Rusch here.

Gregory W. Endres

Gregory W. Endres


Gregory W. Endres, Ph.D. is a founding partner and managing member of PinPoint Testing, LLC. He serves as a consultant for new designer drug legislation and provides expert witness testimony. His background is in the areas of synthetic, organic, medicinal, and forensic chemistry and his work has resulted in more than 15 peer-reviewed articles, 12 patents, and 16 invited presentations. Dr. Endres facilitates commercial product development and productive research collaborations with PinPoint Testing, LLC

Contact Dr. Endres here.

Read about our amazing abilities

PinPoint Testing Abilities

LC-MS/MS Drug Test Consultants

Our scientists are experts in designing and implementing customized tools to detect large panels of drugs simultaneously using LC-MS/MS in human urine and blood specimens. In collaboration with Cayman Chemical Company, the customized production of user-friendly ToxBox® products enables private and public laboratories to quickly establish on-site drug testing.

We offer a broad spectrum of LC-MS/MS drug test Consulting Services, which includes planning of customized Tox Box® products, training of laboratory staff, assistance with laboratory accreditation, and expert witness testimony. Training includes hosting your laboratory staff in our own accredited facility coupled with on-site assistance in your laboratory to ensure rapid implementation of customized tools on your LC-MS/MS. Our goal is to rapidly transition your laboratory to on-line testing for substance abuse drugs and other xenobiotics in human samples relying on the strong analytical, chemical and toxicological expertise of our scientists.

LC-MS/MS drug tests are becoming standard practice for laboratories but often having a sufficient number of trained personnel is an issue. PinPoint Testing, LLC can simplify the testing procedures and train personnel in the new technique. Having trained personnel is always an issue, but simplified procedures minimizes the problem.

Where to find us?

Our facilities include a state of the art training and testing laboratory on the health science campus of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) in Little Rock, Arkansas.

We have two additional laboratories located nearby on the campus of the Arkansas Children’s Research Institute.

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