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The founders of PinPoint Testing are experts in detecting and studying new psychoactive substances (NPS), or “designer drugs.” Dr. Jeffery Moran and Dr. Greg Endres, along with UAMS researchers, played a crucial role in understanding the dangers of these substances, such as synthetic cannabinoids and designer benzodiazepines. Their experience during the designer drug epidemic led them to recognize the need for better-equipped laboratories and efficient processes to address emerging threats to public health.

PinPoint Testing, led by seasoned leaders in toxicology and public health, guides labs on adopting lean principles and best practices to enhance efficiency. This approach helps labs update processes swiftly, ensuring they can adapt to evolving demands. With expertise in analytical chemistry and various small molecules, PinPoint specializes in detecting molecules in biological samples, the screening and confirmation of small molecules, environmental hazards, food toxins, and industrial hygiene.

PinPoint, certified under ISO-17025 & CLIA, stays at the forefront of testing practices by continually researching and developing new methods and technologies. Alongside consulting services, PinPoint offers off-the-shelf and fully customizable ToxBox® products that specialize in workflow efficiencies, as well as reference laboratory services and expert testimony.

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Jeffery Moran

Jeffery Moran

CEO and Lead Consultant

Dr. Jeffery Moran stands at the pinnacle of his field with an expansive career spanning over three decades. A renowned expert in developing LC-MS/MS methods, his vast experience encompasses drug toxicology, industrial hygiene, and tackling environmental threats.

His deep-rooted knowledge of managing public health laboratories is exemplified by his 10-year tenure as the Branch Chief at the Arkansas Department of Health – Public Health Laboratory (ADH-PHL). Here, he skillfully managed laboratories accredited under A2LA-ISO17025, CAP/CMS-CLIA, and USEPA. During his time at ADH-PHL, Dr. Moran was instrumental in shaping LC-MS/MS methods and validation plans as part of the CDC Laboratory Response Network (LRN-C). His expertise was highly sought after, and he was frequently invited to serve as a technical expert in numerous panels and committees. One of his notable contributions was chairing a national committee which penned the pivotal CLIA-Compliant Analytical Method Validation Plan and Template for LRN-C Laboratories.

A visionary in his field, Dr. Moran has been at the forefront of detecting novel psychoactive substances. He has the distinct credit of authoring some of the seminal papers on the detection and metabolism of synthetic cannabinoids, opioids, and other designer drugs. His pioneering research continues to flourish as an Assistant Professor at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology.

Apart from his academic and research pursuits, Dr. Moran is a qualified expert witness with a specialized focus on analytical toxicology and drug metabolism. His insights have been pivotal in shaping the discourse and understanding of complex toxicological issues.

As the CEO and Lead Consultant, Dr. Moran’s unparalleled expertise and leadership guide the way, ensuring that scientific rigor and innovation remain at the heart of all of PinPoint Testing’s endeavors.

Gregory W. Endres, Ph.D.

Gregory W. Endres, Ph.D.

CSO, Founding Partner and Managing Member

Dr. Greg Endres stands at the nexus of organic, medicinal, synthetic, and forensic chemistry, bringing a wealth of expertise and insight to the field. As a founding partner and the managing member of PinPoint Testing, LLC, he has been instrumental in shaping its trajectory and vision.

Earning his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Wayne State University, Dr. Endres has since embarked on a professional journey marked by significant accomplishments. He is often sought after as a consultant for legislation pertaining to new designer drugs, and his expertise is further underlined by his role in providing crucial expert witness testimony.

His profound academic and research contributions to the field are evident from the extensive body of work he has produced: more than 15 peer-reviewed articles, a remarkable 12 patents, and 16 invited presentations that have captivated audiences both nationally and internationally.

Beyond his academic prowess, Dr. Endres is a visionary leader, effectively facilitating commercial product development and fostering productive research collaborations within PinPoint Testing, LLC. His blend of technical expertise, innovative thinking, and strategic leadership ensures that PinPoint Testing, LLC remains at the forefront of analytical testing.

Ben Witten

Ben Witten

Director of Consulting Services

With a professional journey spanning 15 years in the realm of mass spectrometry, Ben Witten stands as a paragon of expertise and leadership in the field of analytical testing services. As a licensed medical technologist supervisor recognized in several states, he brings an unmatched depth of knowledge, particularly in the application of LC-MS/MS across various platforms.

Throughout his career, Ben has held several high impact positions, from being a laboratory director to spearheading research and development initiatives. His leadership and knowledge is diverse across several sectors, including clinical, research, and cannabis testing laboratories.

His technical prowess shines through in his accomplishments: the development and validation of a plethora of methodologies on a range of platforms, including but not limited to LC-MS, HPLC, GC-FID, GC-MS, and ICP-MS. His target compounds have showcased a vast spectrum, encapsulating everything from essential vitamins and vital hormones to drugs of abuse and cannabinoids.

In his current role as the Director of Consulting Services, Ben guides a dynamic team of consultants, leading them with scientific integrity and data quality as their guiding principles. Under his astute guidance, this team is entrusted with consulting laboratories and delivering self-sufficiency and endurance that is built on a foundation of precision and excellence.

Marina Avram

Marina Avram

Supervisor of Quality Assurance and Control

Ms. Marina Avram began her tenure at PinPoint Testing as an undergraduate training fellow. She then accepted a fulltime ToxBox® manufacturing position in 2018 after receiving her bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.  

Ms. Avram continues to excel at PinPoint and was recently promoted to Supervisor of Quality Assurance and Control. Ms. Avram is a key PinPoint scientist who validates clinical and forensic testing applications for private, local, state, and federal laboratories across the U.S.  Marina specializes in high-throughput, liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) applications that support trace level quantitation and confirmation analysis of opioids, benzodiazepines, cannabinoids, antidepressants, analgesics, sedatives, as well as several other illicit and prescribed drugs and their metabolites. 

Ms. Avram was selected as the inaugural PinPoint scholar and is now pursuing a master’s degree in pharmacology and toxicology as part of the Interdisciplinary Biomedical Science program at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Her thesis research was recently highlighted in her first publication Hands-Free Analytical Urine Testing Technology Validated for Drug-Facilitated Crime Investigations. This patent pending technology is a first of its kind that begins to bridge hands-free concepts that are generally associated with immune-based autoanalyzers with quantitative and confirmation testing platforms.

Jason Truskowski

Jason Truskowski

V.P. Marketing and Sales

With nearly two decades of experience in the dynamic field of sales and marketing within the biotech industry, Jason is a seasoned professional who has left a lasting mark in his niche. Based just outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan, Jason’s career has revolved around promoting, and marketing small molecules, assay kits, and reference materials, with a specialization in reagents used in drug discovery and toxicology, particularly in the areas of drugs of abuse and novel psychoactive substances.

Jason’s journey in the biotech industry began after earning his B.S. in Biology with a minor in marketing from the University of Dayton. His academic foundation provided him with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the complex world of biotechnology with confidence and expertise.

Throughout his career, Jason’s passion has been to provide a seamless customer experience, from search to after-sale service. His commitment to understanding the unique needs of his clients and staying at the forefront of industry best-practices he ensures products are positioned to provide real value for the scientific community.

Beyond his professional achievements, Jason finds fulfillment in his personal life. He cherishes his time with his family and embraces the great outdoors. Whether it’s hunting, fishing, biking, boating, or other outdoor pursuits, Jason’s adventurous spirit keeps him active and engaged outside of the office.

PinPoint Testing Credentials and Certifications

“Dr. Endres was qualified in several fields as an expert witness: identification; classification; manufacture; and pharmacology of synthetic cannabinoids. He provided testimony as to all four aspects of synthetic cannabinoids, but most importantly made a compelling case that XLR-11 was in fact a cannabinoid receptor agonist and therefore a synthetic cannabinoid and Schedule 1 controlled substance. Thanks to this testimony, we were able to secure convictions against both defendants for Criminal Enterprise; Possession with Intent to Deliver a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance; Manufacture of a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance; Delivery of a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance; Possession of a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance; and Maintaining a Drug Store/House. Therefore, I would highly recommend him for any future use in his capacity as an expert witness in these fields.

I would certainly continue to endorse Dr. Endres as an expert in this field. I have always been grateful for his assistance in our case as I know we could not have put everything together and prosecuted our case with success without his testimony. I was fortunate to find someone with his background, and qualifications, who was willing to step outside his daily mold and accept such a task.

We have not had any K2 issues since the defendant was successfully removed from our community.

Eric F. Wanink

Chief Assistant Prosecutor, Tuscola County, MI